Altar Ministry
Provides one-on-one intercession to those that come to the altar for prayer. Also gives guidance to members and visitors in their decisions for salvation, church membership, rededication, or the need to address other spiritual matters that are brought to the altar during worship service.

Responsible for all aspects of water baptism, to include (but not limited to), signing up and contacting candidates and training candidates on the meaning of baptism.

Healing through Hope
Brings awareness to churches, corporations and communities through education and training on Domestic Violence. This team administers programs for women and children that provide safety, support and the opportunity to change their lives.

Health Ministry
Promotes health and wellness by educating the OWCM members and the community on health related issues, providing health screenings and encouraging all to practice healthy habits, both physically and spiritually.

Intercessory Prayer
Responsible for standing in the gap and praying for our Pastors, ministry, members, leaders, and our nation.

Promotes the OWCM vision through visual communications, publications, and media advertisement.

Responsible for creating and editing video footage of worship services and various church events.

Ministry of Helps
(Includes Parking Lot Attendants, Transportation, Security, Armor Bearers & Pastor?s Personal Aides) Responsible for the smooth flow of all worship services.

Music & Arts
(Includes Praise Team, Choir, Dancers, Audio Team) Serves through ministering in music, songs, drama, mime and liturgical dance to prepare the atmosphere as well as the hearts of God's people.

Pastoral Care
An extension of the arms and hearts of the Pastors that provides care, comfort, advisement and oversight to OWCM members.

Prison Ministry
Effectively ministers the Word of God to individuals being held captive behind walls that are both physical and mental.

Provides food, clothing, and resources to our church members and members of our community who are in need, with the hope of empowering them to address their economic, educational, and social needs.

Responsible for greeting and seating the congregants, assists in facilitating offering and communion, and other duties as assigned to help to maintain an orderly atmosphere during the worship services.